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Creating Awareness: If A Tree Falls In The Forest…

In the marketplace, if nobody hears your tree fall, then it does not make a noise, and you get no customers. To use another popular metaphor, you could build the best mouse trap in the history of the world (I almost wrote “…the best mousetrap the world has ever known) but if nobody hears aboutContinue reading “Creating Awareness: If A Tree Falls In The Forest…”

Pitching the Right Story

Pitching a startup effectively means telling a story, but rarely in chronological order. Get to the point. Immediately, if not sooner. And what is the point of your pitch for investors? Investors want to earn a return on their investment. Entrepreneurs have to start with this. Explain the investment return potential. I recently reviewed aContinue reading “Pitching the Right Story”

Almost Everything A Startup Does is Marketing

Marketing Isn’t Everything, But… I feel like it is important to point out before getting into the meat of this article that I’m not suggesting that everything is Marketing or related to Marketing. And just to be clear, Advertising and Marketing are not the same thing, although this is a very common misconception. The purposeContinue reading “Almost Everything A Startup Does is Marketing”

Why Do I Need an Exit Strategy?

We touch on this apparent irony in the article “How Much Capital Should I Raise?” The short answer is that investors value liquidity. What is liquidity? It’s the ability to convert an investment to cash so that it can be used for other things: invest in something else; pay for college; buy a house; buyContinue reading “Why Do I Need an Exit Strategy?”